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Online search metrics now indicate there's presently as much interest in making a magazine as there is in baking a cake. That attests the degree to which interest in publishing has become so widespread.

Pubbies.com is a free resource for everyone with a serious interest in publishing. This site offers expertise on publishing for both the beginner and pro. It answers some of the basic questions about how to get started. Yet, it also caters to industry veterans who need to learn more about strategic planning for the future.

Many industry observers believe that publishing has now entered what's called "publishing 2.0". The dynamic development of blogging, social media, and other digital content are bringing the same revolutionary changes to publishing as they have to the Internet at large. PublishingHelp.com provides content to help everyone to make a successful transition.

Is blogging really publishing? Are bloggers journalists? You'll find answers to these and many other questions here, too. In one of the reports, experienced editors from across the country share their trade secrets. They cover topics from how to write for a younger audience to how to challenge your readers.

With advertising being so important to print and online publishers, this site also provides extensive guidance on that topic. A detailed special report goes into how to increase ad sales even in the face of today’s tight market. Other reports deal with topics such as editorial productivity and salaries, conducting research, and branching off into book publishing. Links to additional resources are provided, as well.